Saturday, September 6, 2008

RaiN RaiN~

It's been raining everyday ever since I'm back in KL haha. I'm not complaining though coz I love rain <3 and I'm not going anywhere also so it doesnt matter even if it rains from day to night haha. A lot of ppl in my msn list put "rain rain go away, come again another day" haha..when there is rain u want it go away, but when there is no rain, u beg the rainfall to come lol. Human is juz so funny rite? =P There is ntg special in this particular post..juz posting for fun haha.

College started 1 week ady, I juz enrolled last friday haha. Havent been into any classes yet, and there's a problem with our timetable. A lot of classes are clashing. I duno how this happen also but cincai la..wait Mr Phang settle for us. My mood now is ok ok, somewhere between ok and not ok haha XD Duno wat to do boring. Finish watching all the episodes I missed out during my trip. Fast? =P Still waiting my uncle to settle all the pics and videos for me. Even I havent take a look at those pics taken underwater haha. Only saw a video of a jellyfish swimming, which is quite nice.

As for some things..I've decided to let it be ^^ I will juz follow the flow and not doing anything on purpose ^^ Ntg much to write ler..the reason I'm writing this post is juz because I'm sitting in front of my PC now with ntg 2 do lol. I kind of stop gaming ady up =) concentrate on something else would be something I like, but hopefully I can get frens who can play wif me and dun mind playing with me ^^

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