Monday, September 29, 2008


Last friday, Chen Kai called me and say go genting. I was eager to go genting also,so quite excited la..15 minutes later, he called me back saying cancel coz Teck Lim ffk us and we cant find any one to replace him at such last minute. So I have been disappointed once already. Then juz now, Jiun Kit called me and say go Genting AGAIN. He say until like sure go already but too bad, about half an hour later he send me an SMS say cancel AGAIN! zZzZzz!! This time cancel because of Teck Lim again. ARGH! If next time havent confirm dun tell me la! Everytime give me the false hope of I can go somewhere play and in the end cancel it! Very sux 1 u know?? 2 times in a row d zzzzzzzzzz!!

I belief all of u know the feeling rite? U r mentally prepared to go somewhere and last minute ppl tell u it's cancelled! Especially when u r eager to go that place! Really sien already........

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