Thursday, September 3, 2009


I hate making decisions..I am a very indecisive person. I am always afraid of making the wrong choice. Everytime before I decide on anything, I will always gather opinions from people I know first. Be it on what hairstyle to try, what hair colour to try, to buy or not to buy and a lot more.

Choices is the most evil thing in the world. They will always make you choose only 1 out of many, and makes you wonder whether you've made the right choice? And what would have happened if you chose the other one. By choosing wrongly, it can affect you for a lifetime actually.

I am currently regretting badly for giving up MYC! to work for Ap* Id*as just because I signed the damn contract and I feel that breaking it is a bad thing to do. Now I regret, why didn't I just break off the damn agreement. Because I chose to stay on, I am very unhappy now. It's not that Ap* Id*as staffs are unfriendly, but what they told me during the interview, and what I'm doing's not the same. I am really unhappy, I agreed to work with them even though their company is quite far away from my house because I thought I will be able to learn how to conduct events, the operations and steps and all.

But too bad, I'm wrong. They actually plan to place the girl interns at office only to do paperwork. Damn it, if I wanna do paperwork I need to purposely go until Kelana Jaya or not? I can just simply enter any company near my house, especially at Mid Valley area, with so many research companies. The reason I do not want to join those company is because I WANNA LEARN HOW EVENT COMPANIES WORK! I WANNA LEARN HOW TO ORGANIZE EVENTS! I WANNA LEARN THE PROCESS OF BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER OF AN EVENT!!

I did not join that company, travel so far away just to do paperwork!! During interview, I was promised that I can work outside, handle events and all. But after today's meeting, from what the boss say, I got a feeling that female interns will only be at office handling paperworks..he said "We will arrange you interns to see how it is at the outlets, except David bla bla bla...". David is another intern, and he gets to train promoters, perhaps go out with them to check how the outlet is going and so on. While us girls? We wun get to learn, we will only get to see at the outlet how the promoters work.

I've been event/roadshow promoters myself, do I need to see how they work? I know myself how to work as a promoter ok? After the meeting, i went and discuss with my supervisor about my job scope. She said I can request to work outside, but not recommended..because? Petrol, toll and parking will be at my own expense. Zzzz!!

I dowan to complain, I tried to let go of MYC, and work with this company. But I really can't do heart is not with them. I am unhappy..I am sure I will get more field experience from MYC but.......I've wrote an email to Ms Naomi, hoping that she can help me with it. Hope the MYC is still available..if it is, I will quit this 1..sorry, I know it's bad..but only 2nd day and I'm emo'ing like @$!%! already..I don't know how much longer can I last...

Wat I feel now is regrets..and I hope I can do something to solve it. I dowan to regret for my life because for internship, I chose to gave up my 1st choice for something that is not what I want...

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