Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emo Free Post =P

Noticed that my posts recently are really emo, due to my internship of course haha..Well sorry, but blog is the only place I can really let out everything as this blog belongs to me MuAhAhAha! >=)

Nothing much special recently. Working from Monday - Friday, lazing around from Friday night to Sunday =P Having really big problem with my biological clock because I tend to stay up till almost dawn on my weekends and holidays and when weekdays start, I have sleep before midnight to ensure that I can have sleep. I'm not the kind who can change my sleeping time easily, and I tend to follow the sleeping pattern. If I stayed up late for 3 days in a row, I will have problem to sleep early on the 4th day T_T The past few weeks I only sleep for 5-6 hours on weekdays and it's really suffering when I'm at work. I keep dozing off when I'm doing reports lol..

I've no idea why but I'm really playing DotA a lot, can say almost everyday. Could be the friends I'm mixing with, or could be now I really know how blissful it is to play game XD since working life start, I noticed that it is really lifeless. All I do is wake up, go work, wait lunch hour, back to work, wait finish work, go home, sleep. I hate routine work..and that is what I'm doing now..thankfully only 3 mths..If not I really don't know how to survive going through routine life every haha..

Very happy to have friends who support me, and listen to me complaining, whining, bitching or watever you call it =D they listen to me, and cheer me up. It's really the biggest comfort I can get, and I really feel much happier and when I'm down, thinking of the jokes they told me can really make my day ^^ Thanx you guys..really happy to have friends like all of you =)

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