Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stupid Company

Sorry for not updating my blog for such a looooong time! A lot of things happen since my last post, and really very long story..anyway I'll summarize it.

Incident 1:
My junior David quit from his internship with the company because of some unreasonable things that happened, and the company planned to take unreasonable actions against it. Stupid unreasonable company. I'm not gonna elaborate on it though...

Incident 2:
Stupid company called to college and complained about us, saying that we have attitude problem and not obedient. Reason? Because we have the courage to say "NO" when we think that what they ask us to do is too over/out of job scope/it's not what we should be doing! They really don't know have what kind of mindset, thinking that interns are cheap labours and must obey everything they say and ask us to do!! Seriously I wanted to tell them, "Eh, I know ur english is bad but please at least go take a look at the dictionary what does intern means!" Interns are there to learn, not to BE YOUR F**KING CHEAP LABOUR YOU IDIOT!

First month make us do Data Entry, then make us do despatch work. Wah really good deal hor, RM400 can hire a data entry personnel and despatch le. Know we all got our own transport then start sending us to go collect printings, send designs to printing company and to send stuff that they forget to bring! Some more dare to say, "We hire you all to do these things". WTF u!?

Then they said,"We've had many interns before but never have we got interns as problematic as you guys". That is because previously you all have only hired noob shit fellas who let you all use until so teruk also duno how to defend themselves. If you want people like this right, go find dogs please. We are HUMANS NOT DOGS! EVEN DOGS KNOW WHAT IS WRONG SOMETIMES!

Ask all interns go in to talk, then say we have attitude problems because we said no. Do u know wat is a real attitude problem? And you B*tCH! Say I reject tasks? You also rejected the task that's why I have to do it! F**ker! Everytime got unwanted task that B*tCh will say,"Neh ask the interns go la". Seriously you guys are a bunch of @$$HoLes!!!

Incident 3:
Since so many issues among interns and the stupid company, all boycott ^_^ (we got our ways la..*grins* )

Incident 4:
I stay OT till midnight for a week I didnt complain, I take public transport to work (needs to take bus from house to KL Sentral, then change to LRT to Kelana Jaya and then change to bus again to get to office), late half an hour you call and f**k me? If I want to count, I can be late to work 1 hour everyday till I finish intern ok? Sumore OT no money, I no complain you complain. Stupid!!!

Well I guess I'm really good with doing summary haha..can summarize the super long stories into this short post =P

P/S: Please forgive me for my vulgarity, I really can't stand them..need a place to vent my anger =x

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