Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Look...again!

Well as most of you can see obviously, I've renovated my blog again haha.
I think most of you will be curious why I change from my emo and dark blogskin to this colourful rainbow blogskin. Reason is, I got bored of the emo skin and whenever I log in to my blog, I will be more inspired to write emo things instead =P

Besides that, I love bright and colourful things haha. Well this is not 100% done yet. I started editing from 12am till now, almost everyone slept so no one I can refer to @_@. This blogskin was originally a HTML blogskin but I download the main pictures and edit it instead . I don't really like HTML blogskin, when edit takes a very long time for me because I'm not good with HTML. I also went and Google on how to change the font style and all. Learnt something haha. Header picture was edited with Photoshop to show my blog name instead ^^

Planned to blog about what I'm doing now actually but kind of tired now so..

Brief Updates:
1. I've quit my internship yay~~!

2. Been sleeping and watching drama/anime only since I quit

3. Hope to find something to do (beneficial ones)

4. Will TRY and update more often with less emo stuff :P

That's all for now, any comments can leave at my ShoutBox ^^

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