Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah Lim Char Kuey Teow

I am a food lover and I enjoy good food. I will try the stalls around and if it's bad, I will never go back to the stall again. As a food lover, I venture to Pasar Malam quite often. There was once, I went to the Sri Petaling pasar malam with a friend of mine and he said that there is a really good char kuey teow stall so I decided to try it. Well, I would say no regrets trying it haha! Seriously they serve really good char kuey teow! It taste really good and it's not too oily either unlike some places where their char kuey teow is bland and you can see the oil dripping. The only down side of the char kuey teow is no prawn =(

I'm not exaggerating, and like I said I do try stalls around. I've tried taking away from another stall and when I reach home, when the char kuey teow was cold, it's tasteless but the char kuey teow from Ah Lim still taste good even when it's cold! If you guys don't belief me, do go and try it out yourself. I know he is available at Sri Petaling pasar malam on Tuesdays, Connaught pasar malam on Wednesdays and OUG pasar malam on Thursdays.

Rating from me - 4/5 (If only they have big juicy prawn too, I will definitely give them higher rating XD)

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