Friday, November 20, 2009


No no it's not the Enigma from DotA haha, it's the name of a former Lesbian bar which is located opposite the place I'm staying. It's been opened for about 2 years I think, and when it has just opened, I heard from my friend that it is a Lesbian bar whereby no guys are allowed unless you're a guest of the bar owner. I wow'ed at that time, and wonder how is it in a Lesbian bar as I've never been into one before. Told some of my friends about it and they are interested as well but none of us really plan it out. 2 years later, Lai Sin called me up suddenly and say, "Hey I'm going to Enigma, wanna join?" and I was like of course! Finally the chance is here haha..


They ordered 1 bucket of beer, each person a bottle =P

Koby, Cally and Lai Sin

There have pool table there but it's quite small space, hard to play..the bar table behind very kacau.

Besides that, there have Karaoke too where we can choose what songs we want and sing. I just found out that it is no longer a Lesbian bar =( but still there are a lot of lesbians patronizing this bar haha.

Funniest moment of the night would be:-

Lai Sin: Brb, I go toilet a while *walks off to toilet*

Cally's friend: What are you doing now?

Me: Just graduated, so currently not doing anything.

Cally's friend: "she" your couple? (she meant Lai Sin)

Me: NO of course! -_-"

When Lai Sin came back from toilet, I drag her out to the balcony and tell her what happened haha. She gave quite a big reaction hahah! Keep asking why they say we are couple, and did we really act like we are a couple haha. I couldn't stop laughing with her LOL! After we calm ourselves down, we went back to our seats haha. Seriously I can't imagine that people will thought that I love gals haha! Aww man..what should I do? -_-" After that I go kacau Lai Sin by putting my hands on her shoulder and she freaked out hahaha! Damn funny la hahaha!

To tell the truth I was kind of disappointed because it is very different from what I've imagined~
and the bar is kind of small, not much people..but it's still nice getting to see Koby and Lai Sin who are my secondary schoolmates ^^

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