Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm falling for...

.....a freaking cute character from Bleach!! LOL! Well like what I've wrote in my previous post, been "boiling" anime since the day I quit and ya I'm watching Bleach haha. Well maybe most of you will say that I'm outdated but you won't understand how sad it is to be using wireless broadband unless you have tried it yourself T_T

Fortunately my line is in a good mood recently so I can download/stream videos well. I normally buy comic for Bleach but been waiting for almost 2 months and there is still no new book, so I decided to watch online instead. Bad choice I think..I just can't stop after watching it! Haha..

Anyway,the cute guy I'm falling for is.........................


When this character first appeared, I was attracted by his hair and eyes so I decided to go and Google up his pic without mask. And this is what I found...

O M G he is so freaking cute!!

Haha that's all for now. Gonna continue watching Bleach haha x)

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