Monday, November 23, 2009

Hatsukoi Limited

I've finished watching Bleach to the latest episode yesterday. Few days ago was chatting with Kenny @ stalkeR and we were talking about anime. He introduced "Hatsukoi Limited" to me and I downloaded it. There's only 12 episodes for the anime series. I wanna say thanx to stalkeR for introducing that anime to me lol. I really enjoyed watching it.

Hatsukoi means "First Love" so as you can guess, the storyline is based on first loves of middle and high schooler. I think that it is really quite sweet when you see how the characters caught in love dilemma, and their shyness. It can really bring back high school memories to me haha.

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Kei chan thinks that looks of a man is the most important and she always hope to get the perfect guy who is good from inner to outer. But she developed love for a guy who is not that good looking, pervertic and insensitive. Although she do loved him, but she can't believe that she fell for him and kept telling herself that a man's appearance is the most important. Somehow, remind me of how I judge guys as well haha. Well I don't ask for a perfect person but somehow I will still consider other factors and if some of the factors are not something I can accept, I might choose to give up as well

Koyoi is one crazy character haha. She gives me a feeling of incest because she is in love with her elder brother. She even fantasized that they are a newly wed couple as soon as their father was transferred to somewhere else for work. In real life I've actually heard of stories of younger sisters who be using their elder brother as a minimum requirement too haha. Well I don't have an elder brother so I won't know how they develop that kind of feelings

There are a few more characters but I think it will be a very long post if I post each and every one of them and it will be a spoiler too but those of you who might be interested =x Besides that, I wanna note that I find this series have some similarities with School Rumble. The both have a gangster like guy who fell in love with a girl who is in love with another guy. And also they have a princess like character (Eri chan from School Rumble and Kei chan from Hatsukoi Limited) who are both blonde as well. If you wanna know which is better, watch it and judge yourself =P

If you are interested to watch this as well, you can download the full series by Clicking Here
(It's .mp4 because I wanna save space, my HDD running out of space =x)

Hope you all will enjoy this series as well ^^

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