Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Luck Streak

The 1st thing I did today after wake up was to get to the dental clinic. The pain is really unbearable..can't even sleep properly and my painkiller is not working well. Went there, the dentist check to which tooth is the one that is causing all this pain. It's the one I suspected when checking out myself haha. I had a filling for that tooth many years ago I think, could be when I was in primary or secondary.

Anyway, the dentist say he need to take off the filling so he can check if the decay continued even after filling. Gave me a jab and he remove it. Result is, yes T_T It was so bad that it has reached the nerves area (No wonder why so damn freaking pain!). He said, he will try and do put some medication and we will see if it can heal in 2 weeks time. If it does, great! If it doesn't, GG..I will have to go for the root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is removing all the nerves inside and leaving my tooth there, empty inside..the reason why extraction is not in my option is because I'm having braces, extraction will affect my braces treatment.

He asked which do I wanna do. I chose the medication treatment of coz! I don't wanna lose another teeth! At least still got 50% chance according to him, and that root canal treatment will cost around RM600-Rm650. This month really bad luck..even Siew Ching also notice that. I'm still very worried bout the barring...haih...

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