Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stupid LiNe!!

Damn it! It's getting worse and worse.....!! Really stupid! Feel like wasting my money using this line........Now kenot watch drama and kenot even game! Ping so damn high play wat! No game, no drama, only MSN. I didnt pay rm78 every month juz to chat wif ppl at home ok??? Seriously im getting really frustrated now! Call so damn many times to complain also no improvement. Wtf is this! Sumore calling to their customer service = wasting my phone credit. Everytime hold me for duno how damn long, and gif me the answer "I will forward ur case to the technical side". #$!@#% U need how many thousand years to forward to the technical side?? Ur technical side at North Pole now izit?? ZZZZZZZZZZz!!!! More and more kenot tahan it already! If after my fren tryout TimeLink and it's good, I will definitely change it. Im really sick of using wireless internet connection! Got connection like no connection! F*** it!!!!!!!


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