Friday, October 24, 2008

EnJOyiNg O2Jam Private Server in Malaysia XD

I notice that since my break from my blog, really not much of updates haha..actually another reason is that I've got nothing much to blog also..Nothing special happen recently that's worth writing in my blog haha. Just now I was viewing at my assignment folder in my PC and I notice that I've created quite a lot of print ad actually haha. Well although I didnt really created those print ads by scratch by somehow..I'm still proud of it =P I've decided to post my masterpieces here hehe ^^

My 1st Print Ad ^^
Print Ads for MKT224, our product,
Baskin Robin's Cendolicious XD

Print Ad for Newspaper Version 1

Print Ad for Newspaper Version 2



Banner Ad for Internet

Print Ad for ADV100, the lastest 1 =P

Besides this, to those of you who love O2Jam and missing it so much, be happy with the news I have here ^^ An O2Jam private server is UP visit (juz click it) for more info as well as downloads.

It's really nice to play back O2Jam..bring back so much memories to me haha. But kinda stress coz my skills deteriorate a lot =.=" See ya guys there hehe =P


Anonymous said...

web not found. wtf..

kRaZy said...

Hi anonymous, their website is currently down coz they are looking for a new host. You can join their Facebook page to get the latest updates and news =)

Rino said...

OMG ! Anyone in Malaysia please open o2 jam ! i wan O2 jam ! i bord with SDO !

Rino said...

OMG ! If you know other o2jam private server give me . I wan play o2 jam ! Bored with SDO !

kRaZy said...

Hi and thanx for dropping by my blog =) I do know another O2Jam private server.

Server in Thailand, it's the latest O2Jam Private server (O2Perfect), happy jamming =)