Friday, October 17, 2008

I'M BaCk ^^

I'M BACK! wahahaha...after struggling for the past 2 weeks, finally my assignments are ahead of ppl and I can relax a little XD left 2 more only..persuasive speech and print ad. Well, I'm ok now I guess..need thanx Chay always encourage me when I'm stressed out haha. Thanx a lot ya~ and sorry always bother u also =x

This few days keep raining ler..I'm taking public transport to college recently coz my mom is back, so let her use the car =D I seriously dun mind taking public transport to college but very irritating when it keeps raining heavily..even when I have my umbrella with me it's useless coz like Kenny said, "this kind of rain got umbrella also will fly off" haha. I totally agree with him after experiencing it 2day =/ class finish 4pm and I took 3 hours to reach home around 7pm T_T

Besides that, my finals coming soon AGAIN =P it will be on the 30th, 31st and 1st nov, which is in another 2 weeks time I think(?) XD This sem..I only know wat I've studied in Presentation Skills. Intro to Advertising is ok coz previously we have took the marketing subjects which have covered almost everything she is teaching now..but Intro to Journalism..I damn worry..duno wat've I really learnt lo..I only know inverted pyramid, summary lead, investigative report and featured article -_-" I duno how ler...haihz...juz wait and see ba..

Nothing much to write now..currently not feeling extreme towards anything haha..I seriously have ntg in my mind's so.........Blank =.=" time to rest I guess..

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