Thursday, October 23, 2008


For the 1st time I'm actually not posting to share emo stuff but I'm posting about some happy stuff hahah..I've won some contest by Malaysia Today~ Woo Hoo! =P The contest actually juz require us to pose with their paper and let them take a picture of it. I really didnt expect to win at all =x although I still duno wat is the price yet but I am still happy haha. Been a long time since I've won anything =P

2day is terrible..2 test with 1 presentation in a row =.=" 1st test need thanx Melvin and Jacky for their tips and notes. Presentation was quite crappy actually, I recycled my assignment =x but thankfully my lecturer duno about it and he accepted it kind of well I think. 3rd test is the crappiest. I didnt study at all and didnt pay attention in class. Then her questions always seem so vague =/ My essay was made up of not what she taught but what I learned last sem from IMC =.="

My finals will be coming next week, I still haf 1 more week to study and prepare. Still got time to go photostat important notes to read haha (I dun haf any notes at all this sem besides ADV100's chapter 1 =x). Tips also need go get from my frens because of my frequent class skipping habit =.=" 2molo 1 more final presentation on impromptu speech and I'm done for good. =D

I would also like to tell all of u who's reading this that I will be leaving to Dubai and work for this 2 mths holiday. Leaving on the 10th of Nov. I will definitely miss my dear frens..and not to forget my dear PC T_T this time going from KLIA, woo hoo! No need go Singapore only fly off my heavy smoker and heavy drinker frens..want duty free ciggy and liquor call me la next year's january =) I will be using both my phone there..and I might not be able to online there..aiya cincai la..2 months only, dun think so much and it will pass soon ^^ the happiest thing would be I will get to c my dear sis ^^

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