Saturday, October 4, 2008

My NeW GoaL =P

Well im setting a new goal for my blog which is updating it daily (or at least once in every 2 days) until I get bored of blogging =P I've juz signed up for nuffnang ads after seeing it on AhSung and Pui Mun's blog. Seriously I still haf no idea how it works haha..But no harm trying I guess? =P

My line is extremely bad today..since I woke up, it's been disconnecting every 10-15mins. The longest it stayed connected was only 28mins. Can you imagine my frustration of having to reconnect it every 10-15mins? Then I couldnt do my assignment coz my line cant stay connected long enough for me to complete my research =/

\See for yourself/

So boring la..and I wish I can get a new phone ASAP but I still dun haf any phone that I really like at the moment. Been using the old phone without camera, 3G, or even MP3 eversince my W900i was gone =( so I guess I will haf to wait till a phone can really attract me to buy it haha..

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