Thursday, November 13, 2008

DuBai LifE PaRt 1

hahah..well I've reached Dubai few days already..I didnt know here got free wireless network haha. Luckily there are a few of them with laptop so I can borrow and use muahahah XD A day before I left for Dubai got sore throat, the moment I reach Dubai kena flu. Now better already coz keep drink water haha. Here quite ok lah for now, get to meet new ppl. The new Global Village is getting sucky, last time it's like so grand but so cincai -_-" We got no place to settle down yet T_T Dubai got some stupid new law which only allows 4ppl in masterbedroom and 3ppl in small rooms of a house but we have 18 of us in total haha. The 1st place we moved in was temporary, so crowded that we dun even haf enuff space for everyone to sit in the living room. But 1st day quite fun, play cards haha. I've won AED17 with only AED1 per bet hahah =P

Gaming with laptop really not so good, especially one of their laptop. Got virus 1 sumore like out of memory haha..laggy even when I play GemTD alone. O2mania and O2Angel can play..but the keyboard kenot support all keys T_T luckily got card games for me to pass time only haha. But not everything I can play coz they play poker with big bets which I dowan to play coz I havent even start earning money =.=" got 1 guy quite keng ler..juz by playing cards alone, in the 2-3 days time he won AED1100 haha! So i guess now u can imagine how big they bet huh? =P

The 1st house was terrible la, ppl gambling and smoking at the living room, really like Casino like that. We moved to another house on the 2nd day. That house...after cleaning it and arranging, we tot we can finally settle down. Who knows the next day only we kena kick out from the house coz those stupid watch guards and residents complain that we have to much ppl staying in the house. Damn it, y la they haf to so sibuk =.=" we didnt make noise, we stay a lot ppl y they haf to complain. Y can't they juz mind their own business =/ make until all of us after bz one whole day going to the warehouse to get stock and set up our counter, we tot we can go home bath but thanx to them, we haf to go back rush and pack and find another place to stay instead zzz!

*2/2/09* P/S: This post was actually written when I juz reach Dubai but typing halfway the wireless dc d so I couldn't post it and it was kept in my draft so I'm posting it now haha..

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