Saturday, November 8, 2008

RaNdoM PoSt~ =P

I'm leaving soon..almost pack finish already. Recently really seldom update my blog coz everytime I'm free I would be gaming until I sleepy or tired then I will go sleep so no time to jaga my dear blog =x Well after this post I duno when will I post the next one, only can hope got cc near the place I stay in Dubai, then got hope for me to update it haha..

To contact me there..u all can still get me through my Digi but I will be replying wif maxis coz Digi kenot send out haha..dun call me coz I will be charged very very "kaw" if I answer any call. I will definitely miss my frens =D souvenirs..wait me come back 1st hehe =P

Btw actually I'm kinda happy that in this year I have achieved things I wish I can do haha. The 1st one is to start my studies..which I did,not this year though haha..but still I'm glad finally I'm studying. The 2nd thing is I have always wanted a nice PC which will allows me to GAME, and I've finally got 1 this year haha..not bad loh, can support games that my fren's pc cant =P the last thing that I wanted was to go for braces, and finally, few days ago I've got it fixed on haha XD
Next target is to clear my "debts" haha..borrowed study loan from PTPTN =.="

Feeling like sore throat now..pls don't be it! Dun make me sick when I'm about to leave T_T haha..this 2 weeks damn enjoy..everyday not o2jam then Dota..I doubt I can do that in Dubai =/
Aiya watever la..havent go think so much already =.=" Juz go and face the 2 mths, watever happens dun care la..come back already then 4get it! >.<

Actually I'm having bad feelings bout my trip this time -__-" maybe coz of my past experience now b4 I go I'm already thinking of all the negative stuff I will face..haihz..anyway, 6am d..go sleep loh..nitez haha..

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