Monday, February 2, 2009

Yea UpDaTes~~

Yoz everyone! I am back! Haha..actually I came back 3 weeks plus d but a bit lazy to update my blog =x 2 months without computer and internet made me lost my motivation to blog haha.. working trip to Dubai was okok la. A lot of incidents happen of coz,but there are too much for me to recall..well..reach there d..a lot problems occurred,coz our boss wanna save money so we have to keep moving here and there like nomads. Can't even settle down after reaching there for 4-5 days. Keep moving from 1 house to another coz we have 18ppl in total and there's a law which says only 4ppl is allowed in a master bedroom and 3ppl in the small rooms. Boss wanna save money so we have to try and smuggle in the house haha..but so many ppl staying together sure quite noisy also 1 ler,kena complain and then they found out that we have 18ppl in a house and there we go,kena kicked from the house. In the end,18 ppl split to 3 apartment hotels at Sharjah. It was only then I can finally unpack my things haha..

As for work, same la..see the same people again, but there are some new staffs coz previously that company didnt join us. Global Village, which is my working place, has shrunk tremendously haha..the 1st time I went there, there was like 164 Pavilions if I'm not mistaken but now only...32? XD it is not as fun as how it used to be,less stuff for me to shop and bring back. Last time there is a Germany Pavilion selling cheap Nike shoes, and British Pavilion selling cheap Levis and Hang Ten clothes, but now..only China made stuff and...more China made stuff LOL! For the very 1st time I'm assigned to work in China pavilion haha. !st time I work in Malaysia pavilion, 2nd time I work in Japan Pavilion. China Pavilion is kind of scary actually..needs to be very very careful of ppl u r making frens with coz u wun know wat will they do behind u.

BUT fortunately,I did met some good frens there ^^ 3 guys from Shanghai, Hu Yi aka "Yi Yi", Yu Yong Hao aka "Hao Hao" and Shen Han Song aka "Xiao Song". Although my chinese is quite sucky but thankfully they can understand me too haha..and Hu Yi's english is not too bad,so he can translate some of the words for me =P They really treat me as fren, when they go lepak sure bring me along. And our age is kind of near, so maybe that is why we haf more things in common and can haf fun together haha.

Although we are working in an Islamic country that is so damn strict, but we do club too =P I went clubbing 3 times if I'm nost mistaken. 1st time went to a Phillipino club at President Hotel, which is the club that we frequent usually. 2nd time, went to the same club at 1st but it's full then we change to another club at the other end of the road, it's call Rocky I think. It's also a Phillipino club. 3rd time is the best of all haha, I went to 360 which is the top,I mean TOP club in Dubai =P Ranking #1 for clubs and bars in Dubai haha. The difference between the top clubs and bars with Phillipino's clubs are Phillipino's club will have live band for sure! And there will be sexy ladies dancing and singing. Not much of dancing sessions unlike Malaysia where u can dance all u want. Besides that,there are more phillipino in the clubs haha..not suitable for those who wanna "fish" rich guys =P but it's ok for guy who are looking for O-N-S because Phillipinos are more open in some ways.

As for my colleagues, as usual there will be jerks and backstabbers. Like a S*cK*R who thinks that he is damn freaking good looking that he can get any gals. That S*cK*R make up story behind me telling ppl that I confessed to him when I DID NOT! Even after I know the story, I can't tell him back coz if I do,I will be pointing out that the 2 guys told me coz I am close wif them. I dowan to bring any trouble to them so for the whole 3 weeks I haf to act ntg when I c him when inside me I really feel like scolding him zzzz. Not only he's making up story about me, he backstab another guy too in front of a gal. After backstabbing, he became close with the gal. This is really like the saying, "Stepping on you to go higher". The worst ever sly, cunning and sneaky fellow. Normal people will never notice this but for those who are more observant u will know he's not that simple. He always pretend to be like very sweet,good and gentleman but he is 100% not! Faker is what he is..sux! I noticed that too when I went for a stroll with him once at the pier opposite our place but that time I didnt know what he did behind me so I will still talk to him but not as much as before coz I can sense he is not a good person. After knowing, no need to say loh, I answer his questions bluntly and I dun sit with him anymore when we go home.

For Christmas, we celebrated it by having steamboat haha. Besides that we also exchanged presents. Each of us from the 3 houses (companies) haf to get a gift which is minimum AED10 haha. I bought a purple colour scarf which is really a "hit" thing there. Most of us do not haf it so I bought 1,it's AED20 for that haha. One of my good fren working together wif me who told me about the case,Aubrey,said he thinks that the S*cK*R will get my present. He was jokingly cursing me actually lol coz he know I deeply dislike that guy now. Then I also kacau him back say maybe the person he dun like will get his haha. That nite after work, the moment we reach home we were bz preparing the soup and ingredients for steamboat. Each of us will have to prepare a different soup for the steamboat so there is 3 flavour which is Tom Yam, "Clear Soup" and Seafood. Btw,we steamboat with Rice Cooker haha XD ate a lot that nite. After eating then we draw lots to see who's gift we will get. I got present from Ah Yee,a very very nice gal and friend, which is some very nice chocolates =D as for my present...kena cursed by Aubrey, that S*cK*R got mine. I really really hate it when I c his pretentious face telling me thank you and one of the guy was teasing him that he got my present. If I didnt know the story I might not haf got the hidden meaning but now I know what happen d really feel a bit "mm song". Well watever, juz tahan.....

After christmas is new year of coz, and 3 of their birthdays fall on 1st of January too, so it's a grand celebration haha. Someone suggested to hold a Pot Luck for New Year so it's another "makan" day haha. Each house will haf to contribute as least 3 dishes. Us gals prepared 5 dishes haha. To know what we prepared, u can check out the photo's I've updated in my frenster and facebook. Anyway that nite, too much food and 3 birthday cakes sumore. There were so much food that to prevent it from being wasted, we play games and the loser will haf to eat something haha. I dared Ah Fatt, a very very kind guy and also a good fren of mine. We played the "15-20" game and bet spring roll haha. I lost the 1st round but I dowan to eat so I tell him 1 more round. In the end the 2nd round also I lost and I haf to eat 2 spring rolls T_T so suffer loh..although the spring roll is very delicious but really very full ler haha. After that, there were bets like 3 slice of watermelons la, 2 chicken drumsticks la and even soft drinks haha. We all had fun that day..but too much food really.

Well after new year celebration, work few more days only then I'm going back. I took leave on 5th and 6th January to go over to my sis's house at Dubai. My flight was on the 7th of January, 3.30am. Well this time, something I really felt too bad I didnt do is I didnt take a picture with Xiao Song. I didnt expect him to be going to Ras Al Khaimah to work suddenly and neither did he. Besides that he didnt know I will be leaving on the 4th, he thought I will be there till Global Village ends. He wanted to come and say good bye to me on my last day of work but he didnt manage to do so coz his mom don't allow him to go to Dubai. It's 2 diff state and takes around 90mins drive. I understood that and felt really happy that he tried and planned to come and see me. He even quarreled with his mom because his mom dun allowed him to come. Really nice to know that you really take me as ur fren ^^

After coming back, I enrolled on the last day of 1st week, 2nd week go 1 day class, 3rd week also go 1 day class only. I also duno how..maybe it's because I'm really really tired for working non stop at Dubai. I work everyday without day off..cont skipping class like that, I face the risk of being barred from exams and also not knowing what the hELL is going on in class.

I know this post is a bit long..actually there are still a lot more i would like to post but dowan make u all bored haha.

Anyway, to check out the pics, please Click Here for pics I've updated in my friendster. Enjoy ^^

Last but not least,

Happy Chinese New Year of Ox to all of You~! ^^

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