Saturday, March 22, 2008

my 1st blog at blogspot ^^

Yo everyone~
well this is the 1st time i blog in a blog site haha..been wanting 2 do this for quite some time but im just too lazy to go and create an account lol. the reason i name my blog "Piece of My Mind" because this is gonna be where i can emo lol..watever i think or feel which i dun think it's appropriate 2 tell others in real life can be posted here lol. so this is my emo space haha.
it's good 4 me coz im an emo person =P im also a thinker (thinks of a lot of stuff which is irrelevant when i've ntg 2 do). my 1st emo post would be about someone..actually im kinda down at the moment. i used to be very close with that person..we were close frens,he's the 1st person who cross my mind whenever anything happen. but things changed. suddenly we like very very far apart. i duno how or why did it happen,but i find it really hard 2 adapt. he is my sms kaki, my emo partner, my good fren. till now i still think of him as a good fren of mine but somehow i feel that he dun think so. i will still find him and try 2 chat wif him to c wat he is up to recently,but it is really difficult. our long conversations changed into short short talks. i try 2 start a conversation and he will only response wif "ooh","lolx" and "haha". in the end i give up trying..i know frens come and go but going so suddenly makes me feel like kena dump like that..maybe it's me who is thinking 2 much as usual..but really..he is always the 1st person who pops into my mind when there is anything and now i cant find this person anymore to tell him wat happened..argh 4get it..not the 1st time also anyway..time to move on i guess..


phyne said...

awww, chill, dont give up ! ! its not the end yet, so dont so fast emo emo...hehe

kRaZy said...

who cares la..frens only ma..ppl dun treat me as fren d wat for i wanna be so stupid treat ppl as fren rite..?

phyne said...

thats why, erm, let me put it this way, what i've meant is, dont get emo one who does not appreciate u, there's plenty more, so head strong girl....and u are who u are, no point faking it, hahaha, anyway take care and shall see u soon b4 i leave malaysia....hugz