Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SurPriSe SuRPriSe~ ^^

i've always thought that most of my frens dun really care about me except a few of them..but it surprised me that when i was sick,kenneth,my o2jam fren whom i didnt talk wif often actually called me and ask how was my condition..i wat really shocked lol. even my frens who i see everyday didnt bother 2 ask me lol. 4 me it doesnt matter coz i dun care whether ppl care for me or not. another surprise was a guy i didnt didnt expect him 2 msg me at all lol. i thought that i was juz his temporary fren but i was wrong indeed only i realise that there are ppl who care 4 me juz that i didnt pay attention to them lol..i guess i should change my attitude of not being so pessimistic lol..

thanx all of u guys who asked about me, im getting better already.. ^^

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