Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mad Hatter's Party @ Zouk

Well I guess you all are tired of seeing the word "Mad Hatter's Party" over and over again in my last few posts haha. Finally it's here! I followed Adrian's car as he have the invitation and he's going too. I gave the guest slot of my invite to him because I don't know who to bring. And I've got another extra invite thanx to Kenny who decided that he didn't want to go. So I gave the extra invite to Henry who wants to go. He brought his cousin brother along.

The grand Petronas Twin Towers standing tall behind Zouk =)

They decorated the garden according to the theme with loads of mushrooms, tea cups and caterpillars XD Too bad, it rained earlier and it's freaking muddy there so can't really take photos with those decorations.

The mushroom decorated garden. That mushroom looks like poisonous mushroom LOL!

Caterpillar on a mushroom

Closer shot of another caterpillar XD

There's free Gelato near the entrance, I tried the Lemon flavoured one, yummy! =P Then my secondary school friend, Keng Liang, called me and asked if I'm at Zouk. He's there too and he got the VIP passes o.o I met him at the entrance and we went to Velvet where his other friends are. Actually, I know most of them too but I haven't joined them for a long time due to some incident.

Saw all this mannequins after the stamp checking area.

Then, I called Henry to see where is him, and he's outside at the garden so went back out to meet him. I didn't take much photos yesterday because he's with his DSLR, I paiseh la use camera phone only XD so maybe will grab some photos from him when he uploads them haha. Henry was with his cousin brother only, and 2 person buying a bottle of liquor is not worth it. So I asked them to join Adrian.

An artfully drawn wall in Bar Sonic

Adrian was at Bar Sonic with his girlfriend. They are having Long Island and suggest Henry and his cousin brother to get the drink too. I tried a bit of it, very nice le! Like drinking Ice Lemon Tea only haha. They said that it's quite strong, but I don't know la coz I only tried a few sips.

Adrian and his Long Island

That whole night I kept walking around all the bars XD I did went back to Velvet to find Keng Liang again and pull him to go Phuture with me XD Velvet was playing retro from 11pm till 12.30am. I heard Dancing Queen LOL!

Me and Keng Liang

Phuture is my favorite, because they play RnB music which I prefer more. Oh ya, there was a guy that really pissed me off. He was smoking on the dance floor wtf!? And his ciggy kena me zzz..If you want to smoke don't go smoke at the dance floor la!! Can't you smoke at the side already only come back?

Self capture a bit in the toilet =x That's what girls do in clubs anyway XP

To tell the truth, I can't really feel the "Mad Hatter's Party" feel, but nonetheless I enjoyed it as a clubbing night =D


M a n n R u i said...

the deco was so nice

-JayLeo™- said...

the typical club gal XD

kRaZy said...

Ok ok only haha, don't really have the feel XD

I 1 year club less than 10 times loh haha

sion said...

the party's deco was really cool, awesome

♥snoopy♥ said...

interesting... (=

Wen Pink said...

u're so pretty!!! <3

kRaZy said...

Outside only lol, inside really dun have much of the mad hatter's party feel =/


Wen Pink:
U more pretty =P

JenKin Yat said...

owh you were in Phuture? great..i was everywhere! lol

Nikel Khor said...

u went there? so great happening lor..

HenRy LeE ® said...

thanks for ur visit! :D it was fun!!! i really enjoyed myself especially in Phuture but I really had wish that it will be less crowded... haha~

The CleverMunkey

Simon Seow said...

I was in Velvet most of the time lol. That's why can't see you lah.

kRaZy said...

@JenKin & Simon:
I was everywhere too ler XD but mostly Velvet, Phuture and Bar Sonic.

Of coz I went haha, got invites wat =P

Welcome =)