Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Story Telling Time

Once upon a time, in the Southern Province of China, (you will know why I choose to use "Southern Province of China" if you have watched Under One Roof before), there are 2 neighbours, Mr Chen and Mr Li.

One day, Mr Chen noticed that there are melons missing from his farm. He was wondering why the melons are missing and he jumped to the conclusion that it must be his neighbour, Mr Li who stole them.

He started to keep an eye on Mr Li. The next morning, he saw Mr Li at his garden, and he thought to himself, "What is a normal person doing in their garden so early? He must be trying to steal my melons!"

Later that day, Mr Chen told his son that he suspects Mr Li is stealing melons from their farm. When his son ask him how did he came up to such conclusion, Mr Chen answered by saying, "Just look at him, he is so sneaky and he walks like a thief. Whenever he is talking to me, he seems to be hiding something! That is why I think it's him who stole our melons."

Mr Chen's son who does not believe that Mr Li is the thief decided to hide at the farm to wait for the real thief to show up. Later that evening, the thief did showed up and Mr Chen's son had a satisfying smile on his face knowing who the thief is now.

The next evening, Mr Chen's son brought Mr Chen along and together they hide somewhere in the farm to wait for the thief to show up again. Not long later, Mr Chen heard some rustling sound which signals the arrival of the thief.

Immediately, he jumped out from his hiding place, expecting to see Mr Li caught red-handed by him. Instead of seeing Mr Li, he saw a couple of monkeys stealing his melons! Finally, Mr Chen knows who are the real thieves.

They went back to their home for dinner, and on the way back, they saw Mr Li and greeted him. After greeting Mr Li, Mr Chen said to his son, "Mr Li is such a nice and pleasant guy."

The moral of the story is:
When you hate/dislike/misunderstand someone, whatever that person do will somehow pissed you off. Don't judge someone too quickly?

Why am I writing this story?
Because this happens to me all the time (Hating whatever that person do because I hate that person) and I just feel like sharing this story with you all.

Hope you all enjoyed the story :)

-The End-

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