Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Campaign Under Buffered Earnings Yay~! ^^

I logged in to my Nuffnang just now to check my blog's status and all, and I noticed that I have got a new Ad Campaign under Buffered Earnings! Yay~~ =D Although I'm not sure if my assumption of what are the ads under Buffered Earnings are but I believe that they are the ads that will show on blog for the whole day? (Do correct me if I'm wrong, it's just what I think it is lol.)

The latest ad campaign is by Taylors College, and I just noticed that I only have for Leaderboard, why? =(

Is it because more people click on my Leaderboard ads?

Actually I'm not too sure about how they count or generate the ads to the bloggers and all. I tried to find out from Nuffnang's website but there isn't really much details =/ If you all know, do share with me k? ^^

Thanks to those who support or visit my blog from time to time!

Love ya all~♥

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