Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Rewarding Day ^^

Yesterday, I was checking out innit reading new posts and all. Then I saw a post which attracted me with the title "The Mad Hatter's Party @ ZOUK KL, 1 invitation to give away". I was curious so I clicked and it led me to Carlorina's blog. She received an invite, but she is not interested to attend it and she is actually giving it out to anyone who's interested. So I dropped her a comment, and she said she don't mind giving it to me as long as I can pick it up from her office =D

I already planned to go back college today to settle some stuff actually, so I went to Puchong to collect the invites 1st. Once again I want to thank Carlorina for giving me the invites even though I'm a stranger =x

1st Reward: The Mad Hatter's Party @ Zouk KL's invitation ^^

The Invitation Card =)

After collecting the invitation card, I head on to Subang to apply for my transcript and get the withdrawal done as well. I didn't know students who have graduated need to withdraw -_-" I also met up with Rachel and Siew Ching, my good friends in college =D

Really nice to see them again. Rachel's hair is much longer now, while Siew Ching...ngek ngek. I won't be writing it out or else she will kill me the next time she sees me XD Actually I ajak them to yamcha today during their break time, but Rachel was really busy with her assignment, so ended up only me and Siew Ching.

2nd Reward: Meeting up with old friends ^^

Old pic =x

Just now while walking back to college with Siew Ching after eating, I noticed some stalls selling clothes in front of Asia Cafe. I decided to have a look before going back home. Luckily I did took a look 1st! They are doing some charity sale, and nice clothes + accessories are sold at a low price. I saw a top and a dress that I quite like and I bought them at a low price.

3rd Reward: Got a new top + dress at a cheap price ^^

Top + scarf for RM30

This dress's black collar is removable + belt for RM35.

So RM30 + Rm35 should be RM65 right? Well, I got it for RM55 only =P What to do, bargain skill good hahah. I didn't get to try it when I bought them, so the 1st thing I did when I was home was to try them on see got "naik kereta" or not lol.

The black top still ok la, just that the strap does not sit properly. As for the dress, it's a bit too short for me to make it a dress =/ And the belt also, looks weird when I try it on. Maybe I'll go get a new belt myself to match it.

Don't you think it's a rewarding day for me too? ;)

P/S: Sorry for the low quality photos, I switched it to 0.3M last time for MMS, and I forget to switch back to the normal mode =x


HenRy LeE ® said...

1. carlorina is such a good friend! i want the invite too can? haha

2. i miss my old buddies too!

3. nice dress, great bargain... but for a typical guy like me, i'll say,"har? waste money again? i thought u just got one last mth?" LOL! That was a joke. Anyway, cheers!

The CleverMunkey

kRaZy said...

1. I don't know her 1 ler..I just saw her blog post yesterday =x

2. Then go c them =P

3. I don't have the same type of top or dress =P

-JayLeo™- said...

so nice ! henry, go with her wei =D
since my age doesnt allow me =\

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

I don't think my age allows me to enter too! I WANT TO ENTER, krazy can bring me? =D

kRaZy said...


I also will kena check I.C 1 lo, that's y i dun dare bring underage ppl along, scared later kenot enter then not good lo..

Simon Seow said...

Wah so lucky. I haven't even watch Alice in Wonderland yet and you get to go to Mad Hatter Party.

w3ndee said...

wah... rewarding day! true... agreed! :)

Hazman said...

u r so lucky babe.... btw the black dress .... nice....

Nikel Khor said...

want that invitation onli..keke..can ma?

TimmyLicious said...

so lucky. Hopefully you have a time of your life at the party. And so good of carlorina to just give away the invitation to unknown strangers.

kRaZy said...

I also havent watch =x

yea~ =D

thanx ^^

kenot haha..

ya, if it's not for her I wouldnt get to go to the event =)

Anak Jambi said...

nice info,, im from indonesia

.:*princess carlo_rina*:. said...

Just came across this post. Thanks for promoting my blog =) Btw, I really don't mind giving out the invites coz it'll be a waste if I don't. I'm sure there's ppl out there who will love to have it.

kRaZy said...

Haha, don't say promote la, linking only ;P