Friday, March 5, 2010

Emo for nothing

I'm still blogging with my phone lol. My pc need to reformat only I can online with it again but I havent get the Windows cd from my friend so...

Anyway, not feeling well today. Been resting the whole day but didnt get better. Watched drama as well but it made me worst lol..

Feel so boring now, Friday night all alone in my room, lights off. Really make me feel emo especially with my current condition.

Can't help but to write some crap hoping that it will make me feel better.

Really glad that I can still write something at my blog despite the fact that I can't go on9 with my pc.

Hmm...nothing else to write. Very dizzy now, just hope my mood will get better soon or let me fall asleep asap lol..

That's all.

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