Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Visiting Grandma @ Ipoh

I haven't been to Ipoh for quite some time. We used to go back once a year during Chinese New Year, but that stopped when my mom started working abroad. The yearly routine changed to visits when my mom or my sis is back, which I will tag along.

My grandma is already 86 this year, and can't really walk anymore. As she stays alone after my uncle passed away, a lot of things are really inconvenient for her and there's no one to help her. My auntie and uncle advised her to stay at Care Center which she have been refusing for some time till end of last year, where she finally agreed to do so.

This is the first time of me visiting her at the Care Center. She seems real happy to see my mom and me lol. Actually, she couldn't really recognised me until my auntie tell her haha. Somehow, I think that she is more cheerful now compared to last time when she was staying alone. Although it's boring there, but at least she have other people to accompany her and chat with her.

My Grandma

She's really cute la, when I told her that I wanna take a photo of her to send to my sis, she said, "Har, Dowan laaa! I'm wearing pyjamas take what photo!" LOL! Me and my mom was laughing teruk teruk haha. My grandma very "Oi Leng" 1, she kept complaining to my mom that her lips are getting more wrinkled. My mom told her it's because her teeth is gone, it will be better after she get her false teeth. My grandma then ask my auntie and my mom to bring her to dentist to get her false teeth ASAP haha!

My mom brought some cake as it's her birthday, and after eating there's cream on her lips. My mom took out a mirror and show it to her. After wiping the cream, she continued looking into the mirror then start touching her hair and eyebrow lol. Seriously I didn't see this side of her before since I'm young till now haha..

Another funny incident, she didn't see me since I've got my braces and then when she saw me smile, she ask my mom, "Eh how come her teeth all black black 1? She didn't brush teeth izit?" hahaha!! All of us really laugh kaw kaw haha..even my auntie also kenot tahan lol.

Me and my Grandma

All the while when I was younger, I really don't remember seeing her smile so much. Perhaps she's better now with people to accompany her. She is already the last grandparent I still have now. Hope she will be healthy and happy always =)


IyouweBlog.com said...

hope u will visit ur grandma more frequently! appreciate what u hav now... =)
nanged u. Can u imagine the earth without human? nang this to find out!

HenRy LeE ® said...

ohhh so sweet of u! i visited my aunty who is 73 years old a week ago... :)
take good care of her ya!

The CleverMunkey

Lemon said...

My grandma is approaching 80 soon. Since my grandparents stay in Penang, it is kinda hard for me to visit them often. I miss them much too! ><

kRaZy said...

Not easy la, she's at Ipoh while I'm at KL. I don't have the confidence to drive long distance trip. Even if I do, my mom don't lol XD

Sometimes when we look at them, I guess it will reflect to us that how much they've aged, and how much we've grown. =/

Icic..when was the last time you saw them?

kumfye said...

our granny loves to see their grandchildren visiting them...sometimes they are lonely...we hope our grandchildren remember us also next time...aha


kRaZy said...

ya i agree..she kept telling others that her granddaughter is here lol. I guess I hope when I grow old got ppl visit me also..

Nikel Khor said...

respect to older ya..

from Nikel Khor

kisahremaja said...

hopefully.... ur grandma always in a good health....

hazman aka species1980 said...

u just me recall my memory wit my grandma.....

kisahsensasi said...

if i'am not mistaken.... we can be a calm n cool person if we always befriend elders people...

kRaZy said...

Lol I will =P

thanx =)

Ya, I hope to remind others about their grandparents too.

ya I guess, but I don't c her always..