Friday, March 12, 2010

Xia Xue's Wedding is Tomorrow ~

To those of you who read her blog like I do, I'm sure you will know that tomorrow (13/3/10) is her wedding! As a reader of hers, I would like to wish her Congratulations and may she be happy forever with her husband, Mike.

She updated her blog yesterday showing all her sponsors for her wedding. She actually get a grand wedding ceremony FULLY SPONSORED! So this is the advantage of being a Celebrity Blogger huh =x Envy envy~

Actually there is something that I wanted to post on my blog, but don't feel like posting it yet because it's gonna be a post complaining about something again. I just did one few days ago, and I don't wanna be labeled as a B*tch XD Perhaps few days later =P

Another Friday night spent at home, with nothing to do and nothing to entertain my readers~ sorry but please do still visit me =P


Anonymous said...

hello! it's your blog you can write whatever, whenever you want, don't hefta care what other people say ;).Don't worry alright! Cheers!

kRaZy said...

Thanx for the comment haha =P alright..guess I will be writing it *grins*

GothicScarlet said...

Yeah I read her blog, Xiaxue's wedding is fully sponsored! Lucky her...celebs always get their weddings sponsored.. it's like making the rich richer! Poor us have to work and save like crazy just to get an okay wedding.... *sigh* I need to have more luck on my side!

w3ndee said...

I love her blog too! don't worry! i will always come visit u :))