Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's your flavour?

I have really sweet tooth so I love all kind of desserts haha. My favourite ice cream would be Baskin Robbins ^^ I've tried others too like Hagen Dazs but I think it's kinda sweet for me and the flavours are not as creative as Baskin Robbins (This is strictly my personal opinion only). Anyway, Malaysians are very lucky that Baskin Robbins in Malaysia have the Baskin Robbins Day on every 31st! *Yay~*

When I went to Dubai, I thought this is a worldwide thingy, but only then I knew I was wrong haha. So embarrassed when the BR guy look at me dumbfounded as if I'm speaking some alien language LOL =x So since then, I buy a quart almost every 31st for myself =P

31st December is coming, been wondering what flavour should I choose from? Hmm..tough decision.

Should I get this flavour of the month, Peppermint Patty? (Taste nice, cooling and the dark chocolate ribbon is not too sweet and have peppermint candies to bite as well)

Besides the Flavour of the Month, they have their permanent flavours as above. Among them, my favourite would be Gold Medal Ribbon! The caramel ribbon is just so thick and yummy *drools*

Rotators flavours are those that are available for only certain time of the year. Love Potion #31, I think that is the flavour that I love the most from Baskin Robbins. It is only available on February though T_T I especially like the love shape chocolate with raspberry sauce in it haha.

Sherbet, light and fruity. Usually I will choose 1 flavour from ice cream range and 1 from sherbet so that it's not as fat as both ice cream? =P Citrus twist ice rox! The taste of lime and lemon plus the fine icy texture, not something that a citrus lover can resist~

This is the healthier range from Baskin Robbins but sad to say, I've not tried any flavours from this range before LOL! Well, I think the flavours are a bit normal for me and I'm not a fan of chocolate ice cream so maybe that's why I didn't try any of them? =x what should I get this 31st? What would you get? =P

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