Sunday, December 27, 2009


This post was meant to be written on the 19th of December but I was busy going out everyday so now only I post it haha. Went to Dragon-I @ Sunway Pyramid for dinner before going to club at Phuture that night with Ken, Choon Yeh and Cindy.

Xiao Long Bao (小籠包)

You have not been to Dragon-I if you did not try out their famous Xiao Long Bao! This is the specialty of Dragon-I and is a must try for everyone. Xiao Long Bao is like dumpling but the thing that makes it different from normal dumpling is it is wrapped with soup in it. As you sink your teeth into it, you can feel the soup flowing out. According to Cindy, to correct way to take Xiao Long Bao is by using holding the tip of it with your chopstick so that the Xiao Long Bao won't burst.

Fried eggplant with fish fillet

We ordered a few dishes. I didn't try the fried eggplant with fish filler because I don't eat eggplant haha. But according to the others, it is delicious ^^

Egg with scallop (forgot the exact name =x)

This dish is very good. The egg is very smooth and the taste of the scallop goes well with the egg.
And I'm really amazed that it looks exactly like the picture in the menu lol. You know how most restaurants serve dishes that looks very different from the menu right?

Salt and Black Pepper Tofu

This is supposed to be a snack, but we ordered it anyway. The tofu is very very smooth and soft, fried nicely, not oily. And eating it with the sweet chilli sauce is really perfect match. With the dip, the tofu is salty and crispy on the outside, sweet and a lil spicy on the inside =D

Sweet and Spicy Pork Ribs

I like the flavour of this dish. Sweet and spicy, the sauce is quite thick sticking on the ribs. And the ribs they serve is not just bone, with meat as well. I remember I once ordered Honey Pork Ribs rice from Kim Gary and almost all of it is bones only -_-"

Overall, the dinner was satisfying. None of the dish we ordered have any problem. Service is good as well. But it is quite expensive, the dinner is about RM130+ if I'm not mistaken. Thanks Ken for spending us =x

Just remember to try out their Xiao Long Bao if you ever visit Dragon-I =D

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