Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Braces

For those of you who don't know, yea I've braces. Got it on early November last year so around 1 year plus already haha. I have the normal metal braces so I can have fun playing with the colours of the bands =P Tried quite a lot of colour combinations actually. Hmm I started off with something light, pastel pink. Then the next month decided to try more colours and I picked neon green, yellow and pink. Result not bad, then continued playing multi colours with all the neon colours haha.

Getting kind of bored, wanted to try glow in dark today but they don't have that anymore T_T in the end sticked with normal colours again. Besides that did scaling as well. Dentist said that my teeth consider clean for a person with braces *syok sendiri* haha. Hoping that next month they will have glow in dark. Really wanna try it >.<

This few days didnt do anything interesting or go anyway, so ntg special in this post I guess =/ PLaying DotA quite a lot again, in fact every night lol. Getting back my feel and skill =x but I'm sure once I get a new job I won't play as much as now so now giving myself any expectations or wat. Just enjoy and have fun is enough I guess.

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