Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bodyguards and Assassins (十月围城)

Wanted to watch this movie the moment I saw it's poster at cinema. They are a lot of big casts in this movie and it looks interesting. Watched this movie with Ken, Choon Yeh, Jin and Wei Leng @ GSC 1 utama.

I have to say I love it! Storyline is good despite the ending is a bit dramatic. And with so many famous actors and actress, it is assured that the acting part will be good as well. This story is about the revolution era of China in Hong Kong. And when we mention revolution of China, who can forget Mr Sun Yat-sen?

I had trouble recognizing Nicholas Tse and Lai Ming in the movie lol. We didnt know the full list of actors and actresses, so we kept pondering if this is who or that is who haha. Lai Ming can't really be recognized at the starting part where he is a beggar on the street. At the later part of the movie, when he shaved and changed into better clothing only I could it's him lol.

After watching the movie, I think to myself, is it worth it? So many people died just to stall one hour for Sun Yat-sen. It made Choon Yeh emo after watching coz everyone die lol. Anyway, it's still a great movie. Should catch it =)

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