Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dim Sum @ Old Winston Coffee Garden, Penang

On the 2nd day of my Penang trip, Eve brought us to eat Dim Sum as breakfast. The place is called Old Winston Coffee Garden. I don't exactly know the road name and all but I know it is directly opposite KDU Penang.

The restaurant's signboard.

It's very busy and full of people. We have to wait before we can get seats.

They seperated the Dim Sum and other food.
There's the mee, meat, porridge and "chee cheong fun" section.

All the fried Dim Sum such as Salad Prawn, "Fu Chuk" roll and others are available here.

Here is where all the steamed Dim Sum are located. Siew Mai, Har Gao and loads more!

Some of it is brought out and there will be staff helping you.

My favourite Har Gao!

Fu Chuk Prawn which is my favourite too =P

Steamed Pork Ribs

Salad Prawn (but don't know why the salad prawn here got vege inside =x)

The Dim Sum here is not buffet style, it's just self service. You can go over and pick what you want back to your table then they will count by the plates when you ask for bill. They have almost all kind of Dim Sum and it's really GOOD!

I love eating prawn, and I have to say their prawns are really fresh. Big, bouncy and juicy! Their Siew Mai also not bad, it's fresh and delicious. I love the sesame balls as well. The lotus filling is not too sweet and the outer crust is just so crispy =D~~ The best Dim Sum I've ever had, even those in KL cannot fight with them haha.

Not only that, it's very cheap as well. A plate of Wan Tan Mee is only RM3! And all the Dim Sum we ate, as shown above, and some not in pic cost us RM70, for 7 ppl. I don't think we can eat that much for just RM70 in KL lol.

I would definitely recommend this place as the perfect Dim Sum spot for all the Dim Sum lovers at Penang, must try!! ^^

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