Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gifts!

Well Christmas has just came and passed XD 2 years ago, I suddenly thought of baking cookies to give my friends as Christmas present. I don't know why, but somehow I think that it is something handmade, perhaps it will like show a bit more sincerity? Last year wasn't in KL during Christmas, and this year, once again I'm sending out cookies to people I think that I owe them a huge favor or those who've helped me a lot =)

Chocolate Chip Cornflake cookies (my own recipe XD) but this batch..a bit gg la. I put in a bit too much flour =x

Packed them with the flower wrapper. Only can make 8 packets lol.

Admiring my masterpiece (although failed a bit la =P)

Created this snowman card because I thought that well, cookies eat already nothing left. But with this snowman (although ugly) but can keep ma. At least something for memory? =P

It can be a bookmark as well. That is if you don't mind having this as bookmark =P

Tied it on with red ribbon. Christmas ma, so I chose red haha. Snowman in the front....

.......and a bow ribbon at the back! ^^

After done decorating all of it

Well besides giving presents, I received some presents myself too =x Happy~ haha. Well, I really didn't expect to get anything la because I didn't even tell the people I gave gifts too that I'm giving them gift =P ermm but this year is all except 1 la haha. Planned to meet up with Josh and already say exchange present haha.

Present from Josh. A cute lollipop towel =D

Present from Ivan ^^ Well this was actually something I ask him to buy for me at Langkawi and so nice of him that he really brought it back! And he's giving it to me as Christmas present haha. You might wonder why I need him to bring this back all the way from Langkawi. It's because.... is made in Australia! I only ♥ Cadbury from Australia or New Zealand because no Cadbury anywhere else can taste as good as them =x

Last but not least, I know it might sound a bit pathetic but..this is the Christmas present I bought for myself ^^ I saw this at The Curve, and I don't know why it just attracted me somehow =x So..I decided to get it haha. I think this is the first time I buy something like that for myself -_-"

Well, it might be a bit late, but I hope all of you had a
and may you have a great
next week ^^

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