Thursday, December 10, 2009

Golden BBQ Steamboat @ Nagore Street, Penang

I went to the Golden BBQ Steamboat @ Nagore Street during my Penang trip. Celebrating 2 friend's birthday and what else can be better than a steamboat buffet right? :)

From the outside, love the historical building.

The main entrance, with the restaurant's name in chinese.

Wide array of food available for you to choose from. You can choose to eat as steamboat or BBQ ^^

Seafood products

Desserts are available too.

And of course, some greens to make your meal healthier ;)

Besides Steamboat and BBQ, they have Dim Sum as well.

Steamboat pot and BBQ tray together, well you have to BBQ it yourself so be prepared to smell like what you eat haha.

The pot allows you to have the clear soup and tom yam soup at the same time

It's buffet steamboat so you can eat all you want and they don't have time restriction as well. But do not take more than what you can eat because they imposed fine on extra leftover food on your table.

Foodwise, I would say they lack of variety as compared to buffet steamboat restaurants in KL. Not much noodle, and they don't have the "fu chuk" and "tau fu pok" which is my fav T_T their seafood is ok lah, not to say very very fresh but still acceptable =) As for desserts, besides those shown above, they still have Magnolia ice cream (not the tub type, the one you usually find in shops) and you can have all you can eat ^^

Overall I think it's not too bad, points given for the ambiance. Good place to celebrate occasions or have gatherings I think. That day there was two other tables who are celebrating someone's birthday as well. The restaurant will play the birthday song and bring the cake out for you on request. They have dim sum, something different from those in KL.

For more info or you are interested to book, you can visit their website.

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