Thursday, December 3, 2009

LoL(?) Story of the day

Ermm..would like to share with you all on something that happened to me yesterday afternoon. Went to KL yesterday to get something, and my dad fetched me to KL. He dropped me off at Uda Ocean there and that road is a single lane road. So I confidently went off the car because it is a single lane road wat, no car will be at the side ma.

Then right, the moment I got off from the car, I heard someone shouting "WOiiiiiiii!" and.....shit! A police patrol motorcycle was coming to my way! (At the speed of 20-30km/h only la). Then I was stunned and stood there, it's too late to avoid anyway. He tried to avoid me, and when he sway to his right, there was another motor beside him =x

He ended up falling on the soyabean motor beside him. And I was like..OMG shit! He's glaring at me already that moment T_T Then, realising what a mess I've created, I just said sorry and left immediately =x Well nothing I can do anyway rite? Takkan I go and help the police up. Although he tried to avoid me but still kena me. My thigh blue black already T_T

So moral of the story, do not only lookout for cars while crossing the road but motor as well especially at KL haha.

-The End-

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