Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something That Made Me Smile =)

For the past few months I've been really lost and upset due to work stuff, but after the trips to Singapore and Hong Kong few weeks ago I somehow have something I can think of and smile again ^^

There were a lot of happy memories and silly things which made me smile just by reminiscing them lol. The one that made me happiest would be how I made a friend in Hong Kong lol. It was something rather silly, and not something that I would normally do but I'm really glad that I made the move anyway.

If I didn't I guess most probably I will have something to add on to my I-Regret-I-Did-Not-Do-This list haha XD From the trips I made, I also realised that I get attached to something/somewhere easily. I actually felt sad when I'm leaving the countries, thinking that I might not be able to meet the friends I met again.

That is the worse feeling ever. Although it will not last for long but still..it can actually make someone cry. I miss all the friends I have from other countries, hopefully you guys are fine wherever you are and hopefully I'm not forgotten! =x

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