Friday, June 12, 2009

Updates, Yay~

I notice recently there are a number of gamers who visited my blog, especially those who are searching for sites regarding Dragonica. Well I wanna thank you guys for dropping by and nice to meet ya ^^

To Dragonica players, I'm currently a Level 22 only Assasin (coz recently busy with my assignments and tests), playing Elga server (coz when OBT started Kaye server lagged really badly). My in game name is kRaZy, you guys can add me up there =) but recently quite seldom on my dragonica also T_T

To AngelJam players (previously known as O2Angel), just a little update for you guys who wanna try it out. They have recently changed their site and it is now For more info on AngelJam, just simply click on the link

To my dear friends, you guys should know why I didnt update coz u guys also busy with assignments like me ngek ngek =P

Sorry for this brief post..will try and update more often and once again thank you to the gamers that visited my blog ^^

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