Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bad Day..

Actually things have not been going so well for me today. I didn't really study for my marketing test, so the Section A (30 MCQ) I can say I mostly tembak only. Even though I read the questions a few times but it's not getting into my head because it's occupied with something else. Luckily in Section B there is an essay question which I can do even if didn't study haha..

My Dragonica, eversince I downloaded the new patch yesterday, I just can't start the game. I've posted in the forum hoping to get a solution on it but it's all in vain. When I'm finally free to game a bit, this happen to me. I guess...I won't be seeing my Assasin anymore..I won't be able to see it grow into a strong fighter...I will miss you =(

My MSN, something went wrong, an error popped up, and closed my MSN. Then when I relog, don't know why my contact list became empty zzz. I've no contact at all, and no matter how many times I restart my pc or relog my msn..the same thing happens..I even try reinstalling it, but it's the same zzz. The strange thing is, when I log on with E-Buddy, I can see all my contacts in the list. I seriously have no idea what is the problem.

Besides that, my mind is filled with craps and more craps. It has been occupied by some unnecessary stuff and useless thoughts. All this thoughts are bothering me of coz, even though they are just some useless made me real moody and I'm bothered by it. I think, I dowan to think about it anymore. It's really tiring..why think of something that have not happen and might not happen or even won't happen?

Last but not least..I need to thank a fren of mine who somehow made my day today =) although we are on off frens, but somehow can cheer me up even though you will pissed me off at other times haha..thanx you =)

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