Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lovely Weather \(≧∇≦)/

It's been raining a lot recently, and the weather is so cooling. Totally loving it~ and hope it will be here to stay.

It's my birthday yesterday, and nope I did not celebrate it as I'm not the type of person who will purposely celebrate my own birthday unless my friends planned for me =x But nonetheless I'm very happy to receive all the birthday wishes especially from those who's really dear to me. Their wishes meant a lot to me, one of them was even in NS and yet he still remember my birthday. Was really touched.

And thanx to the technology nowadays, i received a couple of birthday songs sung by my friends as well on Whatsapp lol. I may not be seeing any of them in real life, but it just felt so warm =)

Once again, a very big THANK YOU to all of you. I love you guys!


Kenny Choo said...

July babies are the best xD

Happy belated birthday ah Pei Li <3

kRaZy said...

Thanx a lot Kenny ^^ happy belated birthday to u too haha