Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad Luck Streak

This year has been a pretty bad year for me. Getting jobs that's not what I want, and 4 car related issues up to date. into an accident few days ago. Settled with that guy already, thought wait till weekend only go fix my own car coz I need car to work. But who knows today on my way to work, the most shocking thing happened.

Was driving on highway, and suddenly "BAMM!!". The fking bonnet's lock spoiled due to my accident I guess, and I didn't realised it as well after accident, so slammed onto my windscreen. Really fked up. But thankfully my windscreen is tinted, and I managed to get to the emergency lane safely after that. So ya..from a minor accident the a serious one now T.T

I really duno why the fuck this year so bad luck la..please let me stay safely can? T.T basically i'm working for ntg this year income all go to fix car already...Just ranting a bit, I'm still glad im unharmed =)


HenRy LeE said...

wahhh accident again after one? luckily u are alright... things like this happen to me before, damn sad but as long as u dont get hurt then u r good to go

kRaZy said...

ya haha..but u know la, something like that happen, just want a place to "san" har only.

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

wish you good luck girl :)