Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Everything is not going smoothly today..everything seems to be wrong. I was feeling moody already due to the things that's not right, then 1 joker thinking that he's funny making a stupid joke with me. Seriously you've always been an ass, and I tried my best to tolerate your big talks, your arrogance, your showing off and I never bother to say anything either. "河水不犯憎水", I never bother you you shouldn't have came and bother me. Now you've crossed the line, don't blame me if I don't give you face anymore. Idiot.

Besides that stupid guy above, something else is bothering me. The whole of last week really made me happy, but somehow I came to realise that it's not true, it's not happening. I'm just living in my own illusion. It's really not easy to wake up, but still...I guess I have to..

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algin chai said...

=.= wake up liao lo....what happen to you