Wednesday, June 2, 2010

R16 Breakdance Competition (Southeast Asia Final) @ KL Live

I was lucky to get the tickets from LG few weeks ago for the R16 Breakdance competition. I saw Baboon and Jason talking about the contest at Facebook so I decided to try and join the contest for free invites too =D Baboon invited Henry for the event.

R16 Southeast Asia Final @ KL Live

Henry and Baboon

R16 (^_^)-b

Emcee of the Day, Jazz Ivy from Korea~

Jazz Ivy worked quite hard preparing his speech I guess. He actually spoke in Bahasa Malaysia lol and it's not just one or two sentences~ I would say he really did a great job as an emcee =D

DJ of the Day, DJ Dust from Korea

After introducing the emcee, DJ and Judges, the competition begins!

Round 1: Laos VS Malaysia 1
Winner: Malaysia 1

Round 2: Vietnam VS ? (sorry I forgot)
Winner: Vietnam

Round 3: Thailand VS Malaysia 2
Winner: Thailand

Round 4: Indonesia VS Taiwan
Winner: Taiwan

After deciding the 4 who will emerge to the semi finals, the next round begins. But the method is a bit different from the 1st round, where now they have 10 minutes to battle each other. The greatest battle during the semi finals would be Vietnam VS Malaysia 1.

It's really a very very impressive battle between the both as them as they are both equally good I would say. But perhaps luck was on Vietnam's side, Malaysia lost, resulting non of the Malaysia's representative made it into the finals.

Semi Final 1: Malaysia VS Vietnam
Winner: Vietnam

After the semi finals ended, there was performances to entertain everyone who's present. First of all, they have 8TV Showdown VS Korean's dance group, Baby. But it was a bit disappointing as 8TV Showdown are breakdancers, while Baby are more to poppers -_-"

After the battle ended, there's a popping performance by the poppers from Baby. They are better at popping than breakdancing =P

Baby is not only made of guy poppers, they have sexy female dancers as well =D The gal's appearance made the crowd went wild especially the guys. Wolf whistle are heard from every direction, but I can't deny even I'm attracted by them =P

After all of the performances ended, the final begin and it was a battle between Vietnam and Taiwan. The battle is not as interesting as the one between Malaysia VS Vietnam. In my opinion, Taiwan's representative, "Soul Fresh", is not that good. I think the other crews which were eliminated is definitely much better than them.

They were lucky perhaps that they do not have to meet strong contestants in the early stage like Malaysia did. So I believe from the previous few lines that I wrote, you would have guessed who's the winner right?

Yup~ Vietnam's Big Toe Crew was the winner, and they will be representing Southeast Asia for the R16 competition which will be held at Korea somewhere this month. Congratulations to them, they definitely deserved it ^_^

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