Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rain <3

Finally my mood is getting better =) It's raining heavily now, I'm listening to my current favourite song "寂寞先生" and I'm going to study soon. Exam later at 2pm, TV Production. I don't think I need to worry failing because I've got 47/70 for my coursework, and 50% is the passing grade. 3 more marks and I can pass..but of course, I don't wanna get a C =/

Life started picking up for me:

1. I've got myself debarred with the help of my frens and the Dean Of Solla (totally ntg to do with my F**king Head of Program).

2. Met more new friends ^^

3. Started DotA'ing back again (and planning to really train back this time)

4. Decided to go MYC! for my intership (but application havent submit haha)

5. Having finals, if all goes well..I will be FREE after this Saturday!! ^_^

6. Will be going to Penang on 20th August to meet up with Eve~ <3

Ok, that's all for now..I really gotta go study now, Adios~

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